Clio Integration

We’ve integrated with Clio to provide a seamless way for your firm to take advantage of better Financial Disclosures for your divorce clients. We have two ways to integrate Clio.

Method #1

1. Sign up for Financial Disclosures here – Sign up with the same email you use in Clio

2. Mouse over the account menu item in the upper right corner of your screen

3. Click integrations

4. Click the button “Connect Clio”

5. You may have to sign in with Clio but this should link your account to your Clio account.

Method #2 – Coming Soon

1. Log in to Clio

2. Find the App Integrations section

Search for financial disclosures from within the App Integrations section inside Clio

3. Click Add To Clio

4. Click into Financial Disclosures

5. Go into one of your matters with a divorce client

6. Find the custom actions button and click “Financial Disclosures”. This will create your account, create a new matter within our system based on the Clio matter, and Invite your client automatically to create a login

You can find Financial Disclosures under your more actions section within a Clio matter

7. All that is left is to create a new financial disclosure by clicking the plus button and selecting your clients name

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